Planning a Trip to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim

Are you thinking about planning a trip to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim?

We’ve created this helpful guide to assist you with planning a trip to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim.

With year-round access, the South Rim is the most popular starting point for the National Parks almost 6 million yearly visitors.


What is the South Rim?

The South Rim is the most visited part of the Grand Canyon and holds the main entrance to Grand Canyon National Park. Giving you year-round access to some of the most spectacular views on earth, the South Rim provides you with easy access to the Grand Canyon while still having nearby amenities. If it’s your first trip or your 100th the Grand Canyon’s South Rim will provide you with a lifetime of memories and a camera full of photos.

The Grand Canyon Visitor Center is only 7 miles from the town of Tusayan and it’s a great starting point for local lodgings and nightlife. There are also many options for camping and lodging inside the park for those that want a fully immersive experience.


Remember to always check the National Park Service website before heading to the park to check for current closures and to know what to expect on the day you arrive.

Why Should I Visit The South Rim?

The South Rim provides visitors with access to unforgettable views & outdoor experiences. Whether you’re looking for a simple vacation with your family or some extreme white water rafting with your friends, the South Rim has it all.

The South Rim has something for everyone.
  • Walking or Hiking
  • Overnight Backpacking Trips
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Camping
  • Whitewater and Smoothwater raft trips on the Colorado River
  • Helicopter Tours
  • Bicycle Rentals
  • Desert View Drive
  • National Park Free Rangers Programs
  • Watch the Park Film
  • Tour Hermit Road
  • Short Run Mule Trips
  • Grand Canyon Field Institute Learning Adventure
  • Journey to Grand Canyon National Park aboard Grand Canyon Railway

When’s the Best Time to Visit the South Rim?

The South Rim entrance of the Grand Canyon is open year-round but please remember to check the current conditions and restrictions put in place by the National Park Service before heading to the Park. The winter month’s can be quite cold near the Canyon so if you’re a warm weather person avoid coming in the winter months. You might be thinking “The Grand Canyon is in Arizona so it must be warm all year round”, but that would be a mistake. The Grand Canyon is a much higher elevation than the warmer southern parts of Arizona and the winters can get chilly. The best times to visit the Grand Canyon are in the Spring and Fall. Visiting between March through May in the spring and September through November in the fall will make sure the weathers not so hot you can’t enjoy your time and not so cold that you want to spend you time by a heater.

Current Weather Forecast For Grand Canyon Village
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How Do I Get to the South Rim?

Here are all the way to access the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park.

By Car

  • The South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park is located approximately 60 miles (96KM) north of Williams, Arizona via route 64 from Interstate 40 or if you’re coming from the east it’s located 80 miles (128KM) northwest of Flagstaff, Arizona via route 180.


By Plane

  • Many commercial airlines service the nearby cities of Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Las Vegas
  • There are also limited private charter flight services into the Grand Canyon Airport from cities like Las Vegas.

By Bus or Van

  • Greyhound Buslines
  • One Day Tours (From Las Vegas, Nevada to the Grand Canyon Village)
  • Trans-Canyon Shuttle – A once a day shuttle between the South & North Rim of the park.


By Rail

  • Amtrak provides rail service to Flagstaff and then shuttle service to the South Rim.
  • The Grand Canyon Railway runs daily from Williams, Arizona if you’d like to learn more you can call 1-800-THE-TRAIN.

Places To Stay Near The South Rim